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  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at Rec Hall

    Reflecting on King's Legacy

    In 1965, Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke at Penn State. Here's a look back at the civil rights leader's visit to Rec Hall as well as his many contributions to society.

  • A local Panamanian man helps a Penn State student to construct a bridge.

    Bridges to Prosperity

    VIDEO: Penn State students build a pedestrian bridge in a remote village to improve lives.

  • Penn State President Barron and the Nittany Lion in the front seat of a car

    Happy Holidays!

    VIDEO: Wherever you go this holiday season, keep the Penn State spirit with you.

  • Huitting Zhang, a Ph.D candidate at Penn State studying plant biology, examines samples of parasitic plants in the research team's laboratory.

    Cultivating Resistance

    A research team's genetic studies may lead to developing plants that resist parasitic weeds. The team's work ultimately could contribute to reducing crop loss.

  • Three women wear yellow pollinator hats and pink dresses.

    Be the Bee

    What made these women strap on bee bonnets and venture into the world of another species? An undergraduate research project examines the sting of undervalued gender-related labor.